Touch Pad Pencil Saves Wear & Tear On Your Fingers

Touch Pad Pencil (Images courtesy Andrew Liszewski

Apparently there are some people who are genuinely concerned about what might happen to your fingertips while using a laptop’s touch pad for prolonged periods. So as a solution to this “problem” they’ve created the ‘Touch Pad Pencil’ or ‘Digital Pencil’ as it’s also known. Due to the way a touch pad works they’ll only respond to a human finger (or other body parts) so the Digital Pencil uses a “special space age silicone material that exactly mimics the electrical resistance and the feel of a human finger.”

For some reason they’ve also designed it to look like a stubby pencil complete with a fake graphite tip and an eraser on the end which doesn’t really do anything. And on a side note, should the term ‘space age’ still be used to denote something that’s high-tech? I mean technically you can claim the ‘space age’ started when Sputnik was launched in 1957 but that was 50 years ago. I don’t think I’d compare the technology we have now to what they used back then.

The Touch Pad Pencil is coming soon to for about $14.

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