Touch Grind Brings Multitouch Skateboarding To The iPhone & iPod Touch

Touch Grind (Images courtesy Illusion Labs)
By Andrew Liszewski

I have a simple set of criteria when it comes to downloading applications for my iPhone. 1) The app can’t be lame & 2) The app must be free. So far this system has served me well and has kept the number of icons on my home screen to a minimum, but I might have to break my 2nd rule if this new skateboarding game turns out well. Created by Illusion Labs, Touch Grind uses the iPod Touch and iPhone’s multitouch capabilities to simulate riding on a miniature skateboard using only your fingers. Basically like a virtual version of those Tech Deck toys. It features a 3D physics engine that allows you to create custom tricks by just flicking your fingers and will include an online editor for creating custom levels that can be shared with other users. The game is scheduled to hit the App Store in October, but pricing information has yet to be released. (I’ve also included a video of the game in action after the jump if you’re curious.)

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