Toshiba G450 – Phone, Flash Drive, Modem & MP3 Player

Toshiba G450 (Images courtesy Digital Drops)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I wouldn’t say Toshiba’s G450 4-in-1 mobile device is particularly innovative, I’ll at least give it credit for looking different. With only 160MB of storage I don’t think it’s particularly useful as an MP3 player or flash drive, but the phone functions and HSPDA/GPRS/EDGE modem capabilities make up for that shortcoming.

Those of you who’ve developed some muscle memory for dialing on a standard phone might get tripped up by the number arrangement on the G450’s double keypad, but it does help keep the unit small and compact. (It’s just 3.8 inches long.) It also uses a bright OLED screen and while it looks a bit cramped (it has a resolution of just 96×39 pixels) it should at least help with battery life.

The G450 should be available in the UK sometime in March for about $300.

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