Tornado Maker Teaches Kids About Mother Nature’s Mean Streak

Tornado Maker (Image courtesy What on Earth)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m pretty sure there aren’t too many kids who dream about growing up to be storm chasers, but this Tornado Maker kit might at least get them interested in it. In addition to a 35 page educational book, the kit comes with the Tornado Maker itself which shows how funnel clouds actually form.

There’s a spin control dial which can be used to adjust the funnel cloud’s ranking on the Fujita scale, taking it from an F1 category storm strong enough to uproot trees all the way to an F5 storm which can level a home. Unfortunately there’s no setting for the super-rare F6 tornado whose 320+ mph winds can turn a car into a missile. That’s where the real fun starts! The Tornado Maker even includes lightning and thunder effects, but unless it has a speaker that can reproduce the sound of a freight train, I don’t think it can accurately recreate the tornado experience.

You can find it at What on Earth for just $14.98.

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  1. Nonono, don’t blame “Mother Nature”, she’s a loving, life-giving, nurturing woman. Whenever there’s an event of wanton destruction and vengeful devastation, that’s an “act of God”.

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