TopDesk 1.4 Bring “Expose” Functionality To Windows

By David Ponce

In my rather inelegant opinion, the most fascinating feature of Mac OSX, is “Expose”. For those (very unfortunate) of you who’ve never seen Expose, it’s this feature that lets you tile, at the press of a button, all the windows you’re using so that you can quickly jump to the one you need. It’s very appealing, visually, and also happens to help, productivity-wise.

Well, Windows lubbers rejoice, for company Otaku Software has released TopDesk 1.4. This program purports to do the same. It requires Windows XP, so, um, if there ever was a reason to upgrade, here you have it.

You can set the program to tile on the press of one of three hotkeys. Alternatively, you can set hotspots that will trigger the tiling function or, finally, via one click on a floating button.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I will right after I publish this here article. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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9 thoughts on “TopDesk 1.4 Bring “Expose” Functionality To Windows”

  1. You know, Miscrosoft has a free windows powertoy available that gives you a preview pane in the Alt+ Tab viewer, same functionality and a more natural UI for seasoned windows users.

  2. David, I’m from Otaku Software, the developers of TopDesk. Thanks for mentioning us :).

    If you’d like to drop me a line via my email address I’d be happy to send you a beta of the next version of TopDesk – it includes a new way to switch windows that’s not a feature of any OS that’s out *yet* (hint, hint ;)).

  3. Small bug I found…
    judt download it. I am using it for about 5 min Very cool utility.
    When the current window is one of outlook (2002 in my case) by clicking on F10 its show only outlook related window (very selfish outlook)

    Dispite that COOOOOL
    Carpe Diem

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