Top 6 Qualities To Look For In A New TV

Selecting a brand new TV to purchase is no easy task. Not only are there are many different models available on the market for you to consider, the TV is often the focal point of a living or family room and therefore needs to meet the expectations that you set for it.

However, knowing how to buy a TV often comes down to knowing which specific features and qualities you need to look for. We’ll go over six of those qualities here:

1. The Screen Size

Probably the one factor you’re thinking about the most with a TV is the screen size. After all, this is the first thing anyone notices when they first see a TV in a room. While the size of TV you want is completely up to you, if it’s going to be in the living or family room, a size of at least fifty five inches will be preferable.

2. Choose Between HD or Ultra HD

After the screen size, the next factor you’ll likely be paying the most attention to is the resolution of the TV. Your two primary options here are a regular HD TV or an Ultra HD (also known as a 4K) TV. Between the two, the Ultra HD definitely has an enhanced resolution, but it will also cost you several hundred dollars more on average.

3. Go With A Smart TV

For every five TV’s sold these days, three are Smart TVs. The explanation for their popularity is because they can access online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, as well as a whole host of different apps and sometimes even full web browsers. It won’t be long before all TVs become Smart TVs, so you’d be better off buying one now rather than later to keep yourself up-to-date with modern technology.

4. At Least Four HDMI Ports

As a general rule of thumb, never buy a TV that has less than four HDMI ports. You need those ports for connecting things such as your sound system, Blu-Ray/DVD players, laptop, or gaming consoles.

5. Don’t Worry About Sound Quality

Contrary to what many people think, sound quality is not something you need to be overly concerned about when selecting a TV. The reason why is because you’ll be better off purchasing a surround sound or a sound bar system, both of which offer far better sound than any model of TV currently available.

6. Affordable Price

Finally, it’s important to set a budget for yourself before you go TV shopping. While it can be tempting to buying the absolute nicest TV on display, you also don’t want to spend money that you can afford. Therefore, head in with the mindset that rather than buying the nicest TV available, you’ll buy the nicest one within your price range.

Choosing The Right TV For You

Hopefully this article has helped you understand exactly what you need to look for in a new TV and will enable you to more easily narrow your options. The next thing for you to do is to keep these qualities in mind when you go to actually view the TVs for sale in your area.