‘Too Hot For Spot?’ Static Cling Car Window Thermometer

'Too Hot For Spot?' Static Cling Car Window Thermometer (Images courtesy Too Hot For Spot?)
By Andrew Liszewski

No matter what the temperature is outside, I think leaving pets unattended in a parked vehicle is a stupid idea. Denice Pruett, who works for a veterinarian in New Mexico, feels the same way. After seeing and hearing countless stories of pets who succumbed to hyperthermia or heatstroke while left in a locked vehicle, she came up with the ‘Too Hot For Spot?’ decal which lets you know just how hot or cold your vehicle really gets inside. It sticks to the inside of a car window like your standard novelty static cling decal, but includes a working thermometer needle showing you the temperature inside.

Besides letting owners know if it’s ‘safe’ to leave their animals locked inside (again, why even risk it?) the ‘Too Hot For Spot?’ thermometer also educates other people passing by as to how warm a locked and sealed car can get on a sunny day. $12.90 including shipping.

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  1. Now there’s a product that would benefit from some kind of connectivity. I guess it’s easy to forget how hot a car may get after some time when leaving it, cooled by the air conditioning.

    It could be handy to receive an alert in the form “hey dude, since you left the temperature in your car raised by a hundred degrees” on your mobile phone.

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