Tonino Lamborghini Silver Chess Set

Tonino Lamborghini Silver Chess Set (Image courtesy Forzieri Italia)
By Andrew Liszewski

For some people, taking a sports car like a Lamborghini Reventón for a test drive is the ultimate dream, but I’m sure there are others who are more thrilled at the prospect of watching Searching For Bobby Fischer or seeing Garry Kasparov challenge IBM’s Deep Blue again. And oddly enough, Lamborghini has just the thing for that latter group as well.

This silver chess set by Tonino Lamborghini (son of Ferruccio Lamborghini) comes packaged in a well-appointed wooden case complete with protective storage slots for the pieces that are actually differentiated on either side of the board by their high-polish or matte finishes. And given the Reventón’s $1.6 million price tag, $395 for this chess set seems like quite the deal.

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