Tomy's Nikken Gakki (Image courtesy DigInfo)

Tomy’s Nikken Gakki Turns You And Your Friends Into A Musical Instrument

Tomy's Nikken Gakki (Image courtesy DigInfo)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even if your kids have shown absolutely no aptitude towards playing a musical instrument, thanks to Tomy they’ll still be able to create ‘beautiful’ music by probably doing what they already do best; touching, tapping or poking each other. Their Nikken Gakki features 4 electrodes, and whenever 2 of them are connected, it creates a unique tone or triggers a sound effect. So if 2 people were each holding an electrode, a sound can be triggered by simply touching the other person, which completes the circuit.

The Nikken Gakki can even detect where on the body someone has been touched, presumably by measuring the resistance or level of current, and produces different sounds accordingly. It also has 3 play modes including performance, transform and drum mode, with the latter allowing you to rock out on your friends like they were a virtual drum kit. Available sometime in June, presumably only in Japan, for ~$40. (¥3,200)

[ DigInfo – A toy that turns the body into a musical instrument – Ningen Gakki ]

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  1. So here's the game: Four players each have one thumb duct-taped to an electrode; when the game begins players physically assault each other as much as possible while trying to dodge the attacks of others. The resulting symphony of crappy MIDI noises and screams of pain will make for instant youtube success. Bonus points if you can rig it to play Michael Jacksons 'Beat It'.

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