Tommy Gun Vodka

By David Ponce

Part of me is beginning to think that perhaps product and package designers are just running out of ideas. Why else, for instance, would it strike it as a good one (an idea… a good idea) to anyone to make Vodka bottles shaped like a bong?

Well, the kicker is that Alphonse Capone Enterprises, from Illinois (I’m not making this up guys… visit the site and see for yourselves) is selling with some degree of success a Vodka packaged in a bottle made to look like a Tommy Gun.

The 750ml, 80-proof vodka product actually began selling as early as January of 2005, but only locally in the DeKalb and Sycamore areas of Illinois. Since then it has been selling in 5 states, 6 countries, and all Army and Air Force bases. The company plans to roll it out nationwide by 2008.

Ok, well, yeah, it’s $40 to $50, right here. Story VIA Strange New Products.