Tomato D-18 USB HD

Tomato D-18

By Evan Ackerman

You say “tomato,” I say “tomato…” Okay, that doesn’t quite work in writing, but either way you say it, the Tomato D-18 is a slick little USB HD. Yes, USB HDs are a dime a dozen now, but this one is really small. The 60gb Seagate 1.8 inch magnetic HD is barely a third of an inch thick, and the brushed aluminum case doesn’t add much to that. It requires no external power apart from the USB cable, and has 3 LEDs and some attractive designs (as well as a bunch of color options) on the case. From the looks of it, the HD might be replaceable/upgradeable, but you’re actually getting a decent deal at the moment, with the drive and case costing a combined $110ish (a glance at eBay shows 1.8″ 80gb drives going for around $90). Nothing fruity about that, which is good, since tomatoes are vegetables, after all.

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