Tom Bihn Upgrades ‘The Buzz’ For Larger Laptops

The Buzz by Tom Bihn (Image courtesy Tom Bihn)By Andrew Liszewski

While ‘The Buzz’ sling-style bag has been available from Tom Bihn for a while the company just redesigned it to accommodate laptops as large as the 15.4 inch MacBook Pro. Sling bags are kind of a mashup between the best parts of a courier bag and a backpack. They’re typically worn over the right shoulder (or exclusively with the Buzz) and allow you to access your stuff without having to be removed like with a backpack. And unlike a courier bag they can be easily worn when riding a bike or during other activities since they’re held tightly against the body.

The main compartment on the Buzz will easily hold a laptop and a couple of notebooks (the paper kind) protecting them in a 1/4 inch foam laminate sleeve. There’s also additional pockets for stashing whatever else you don’t want stored in your pants as well as a water bottle holder on the exterior and a cell phone pocket on the shoulder strap. And while the company promotes the Buzz as being designed for the MacBook Pro it will actually fit any similarly sized laptop for the Windows/Linux crowd.

The Buzz is currently available on the Tom Bihn website in 11 different color combinations for $120. (Trust me, they’re worth every penny.)

[ Tom Bihn: The Buzz ]