Tom Bihn Introduces The Ego Messenger Bag

Tom Bihn Ego Laptop Messenger Bag (Image courtesy Tom Bihn)
By Andrew Liszewski

Longtime readers of the site will know we’re fans of Tom Bihn’s various laptop and messenger bags when it comes to hauling our toys around. In the past we’ve reviewed their Empire Builder, Imago Yin and Super Ego bags and today they’ve announced another addition to their lineup with the Ego messenger bag. Designed as a smaller version of the Super Ego the bag also features an improved shoulder strap which is great since the size and strap were two of the issues we raised in our own review. But keep in mind that since the Ego is also designed to hold a laptop it isn’t the smallest bag the company offers.

In terms of styling the Ego comes in a variety of understated color combinations that look great and won’t make you stand out in a crowd either. It also includes an interchangeable strip of fabric on the front flap that’s available in 19 different colors and materials allowing you to further customize the look of the bag. And like I already mentioned since the Ego is designed to accommodate a laptop the company recommends using it in conjunction with one of their Brain Cells for an extra bit of padding and protection.

The Ego is currently available on the Tom Bihn website for $130 and includes one of the interchangeable strips. Additional strips are available for $5 each.

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