Tokyoflash Kisai Kaidoku Watch (Image courtesy Tokyoflash)

Tokyoflash’s New Kisai Kaidoku Word-Based Watch Requires Some Level Of Literacy

Tokyoflash Kisai Kaidoku Watch (Image courtesy Tokyoflash)
By Andrew Liszewski

When I was 15 I was just as fascinated with digital watches as Tynan Mayhew probably is. Except that at that age most of my time was spent drooling over display cases, fascinated by Casio’s latest calculator wristpiece. While Tynan was sketching up his own designs and sending them off to the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog. Who liked it so much they put it into production!

Now known as the Kisai Kaidoku, the watch features the numbers one to twelve as words, plus other characters like AM and PM, which flash in sequence letting you read the time. Already confused? You’re probably not alone, it’s a Tokyoflash design after all. So here’s a helpful video that walks you through using the watch and deciphering the time.

The Kisai Kaidoku also features a stainless steel case and buckle, a leather strap in a black or white finish and an electroluminescent backlight which glows blue, green or purple. If you order it in the next 35 hours (at the time of writing) it’s just $119. But after that you’ll have to cough up an extra $20 when it jumps to its regular price of $139.

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