Tokyoflash’s Latest: The PIMP Pleasure Seeker

pimp pleasureseeker

By David Ponce

If you’ve read this site for any period of time, you’ve probably realised I’ve got a fondness for Tokyoflash watches. For proof, just follow this link. And now, our Japanese watchmakers have unveiled their latest: the PIMP Pleasure Seeker.

Unlike the other members of the PIMP line, the Pleasure Seeker was made for people whose wrists were smaller than an average tree trunk. There’s a stainless steel version with either blue, red or green LEDs. But get this, the ladies can now get in on the action, with a Pink gold and red LED version.

Like most Tokyoflash watches, time is delectably hard to figure out, which is, incidentally, the whole point.

They’re Yen12,900, which translates to about $110.

[PIMP Pleasure Seeker]

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