Tokyoflash Winners

By David Ponce

Just a quick note to thank everyone for participating in the Tokyoflash contest. Thanks for voting and sending in your entries.

It was fun, but it’s time to announce the winners.

First runner up is Finalist B, Alvaro Salkeld with his lovely Timex watch, which got concrete scratches and red pain all over it. He will be getting a 12-5-9.

And the winner(s), Finalist A, Don and Robin Mundrick for a 1943 Olympic (not THE Olympics) watch presented to the Winnipeg Rangers, a Canadian Junior Hockey team from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada in 1943 for Junior Hockey Supremacy in Canada. The Barcode watch is coming your way. Congrats!

And that’s it folks. Stay tuned for more cool giveaways, there’s always something in the works.

3 thoughts on “Tokyoflash Winners”

  1. Many thanks! To OhGizmo for a great site and a great contest. And to my fellow finalists and everyone who entered the contest. And to everyone who voted for me. It is amazing that a watch that was awarded as a prize 62 years ago could win me such a cool prize!

    Keep up the great work, guys!


  2. I’m a little saddened that I didn’t win, especially in the face of such blatant ballot box stuffing. Maybe the OhGizmo! eds should be more aware of what’s happening on their website the next time a contest is held.

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