Tokyoflash Releases Kisai Zone

At this point we believe we don’t need to hammer in just how much we like Tokyoflash. So let’s cut to the chase and just announce that they have a new watch out. It’s made from stainless steel and features an always on LCD screen with “a composition of stylized hexagons.” These are fairly easy to read at a glance, as the hexagons actually write out numerals. It looks a little weird at first, but the picture above should clear things up a bit. Another thing to note is the “constantly moving display. Seconds are always changing and fractions of seconds continuously rotate. An additional animation sends hexagons spinning around the screen once every 15 minutes. Both of these animations can be turned on or off.”

It comes in two strap and four LCD colours. The Kisai Zone is currently $99 for the next 26 hours, and will go up to $139 afterwards.

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