Tokyoflash Releases Kisai Uzumaki Watch

By David Ponce

You know we like us some Tokyoflash watches, with their obtuse time telling schemes and bright designs. We make a point to report on every new release and we’re pleased to announce Kisai Uzumaki, the sixth concept from a fan to become reality. Unlike most of the company’s watches however, this one doesn’t make it too hard to tell what time it is, instead focusing on its appearance. Uzumaki means whirlpool in Japanese and the timepiece aesthetic cues all revolve around this. Particularly striking is the “custom made acrylic lens, designed with concentric circles that descend from the edge of the case into the centre of the watch to create the appearance of a whirlpool.” Time is told simply, like a regular analog watch, with the hours on the outside and the minutes on the inside. The rotating hand indicates the seconds, for precise time telling.

It’s $99 for the next 44 hours, after which it goes up to $129.

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