TokyoFlash Releases Geomesh Watch; We Drool A Little

geomesh watch

By David Ponce

Yeah, we’ve told you before, and we’re telling you again: we love’ums Tokyoflash watches. They’re not only stylish, but impossibly difficult to read and make for awesome conversation pieces. And just when we thought they’d run out of novel ways of displaying time, they come out with the Geomesh.

Reminiscent of some kind of satellite tracking system, the LED’s in Geomesh light up in various patterns that cryptically tell the time. It’s a very unique display & uses the horizontal and vertical lights to indicate hours & minutes.

The face is a mirrored grid with 27 LED’s. Hours are indicated by counting the vertical lights & minutes by the horizontal lights. The minute lights can indicate 5 mins each light or 1 minute depending on the configuration – sounds complicated, but not really that difficult.

Right. If you (like us) just went “huh?”, hit the jump for a couple of pictures where you can test your ability to read time on this piece.

Out here you get to find out that it’s available in a brushed Gunmetal finish with either white, blue or multi-color LED’s, that it costs about $122 and that there’s free shipping for the following 4 days.

geomesh watch

geomesh watch

geomesh watch

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5 thoughts on “TokyoFlash Releases Geomesh Watch; We Drool A Little”

  1. I too am a lover of Tokyoflash watches, currently wearing one with a matrix of blue LEDs.

    I think it is worth pointing out to the readers that this has only a 7″ strap which might be a bit small for some.

    I am currently trying to loose enough weight to make it a sensible add to my wishlist.

  2. They have extra links if you ask. I got a fairly big wrist and asked for 3 extra links. They sent seperate (not attached) for free. Ask and you shall receive!

    BTW. The watch is wicked. One of my favorites now.

  3. Hello i want to order a watch from your compnay, could you please tell me
    > how much will the postage cost and also how shall i pay it and how shall i
    > receive it?
    > Many thanks
    > Dobrin

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