Tokyoflash Now Selling Nekura Scramble & Progression Watches

Nekura Progression & Scramble Watches (Images courtesy Tokyflash)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re already a fan of Tokyoflash’s unique collection of obscure and hard to read watches, then you’ll no doubt like these two new additions from Nekura. But if you’re the type who can’t understand why anyone would strap anything so ugly looking to their wrist, these aren’t going to change your mind. Both watches feature full color LEDs embedded beneath the LCD display which can be switched between blue, green, cyan, red, pink and yellow or even be set to cycle through the various colors. They also each have a custom engraved, self-adjusting stainless steel wristband finished with a ‘neatly designed’ clasp.

As for telling time, the display on the Scramble (left) has twelve blocks to indicate the hours in a clockwise direction, eleven blocks in the center to represent the movement of time in groups of 5 minutes, and 4 smaller blocks on top to indicate single minutes. The Progression (right) is actually a bit easier to decipher. It has 12 blocks arranged in a circle to indicate the hours in a clockwise direction, with minutes being displayed as actual digits in the middle of the circle.

Both the Nekura Progression and the Nekura Scramble are available on the Tokyoflash website right now, for $123.29 each.

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