TokyoFlash Kisai Rogue Wood Watch


It’s been a while since we’ve covered our favourite watchmaker, so we’re pleased to announce the Kisai Rogue Wood, from Tokyoflash. It combines one of their trademark initially-hard-to-read time-telling watchfaces, with a rather distinctive looking wooden wristband and case.

The case and strap have been carefully made from a combination of 100% natural maple and sandal wood, meaning each watch has a unique wood-grained finish. A clear coating has been applied to the wood for protection.

The lens is made of mineral crystal and links that make up the strap are individually made so the strap can be adjusted like a normal watch to fit your wrist perfectly.

We think they look rather good, and unlike some of their other designs, it’s not so hard to tell the time with this one. Just refer to the image below.

The watches are $99 for the next 25 hours.


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