Kisai Maze

Tokyoflash Kisai Maze Watch Makes You Work for the Time

Kisai Maze

This watch might just give you a headache whenever you glance at it to check what time it is, but it sure is a looker in more ways than one. Tokyoflash is known for their quirky and out-of-this-world watch designs and concepts. However, the Kisai Maze happens to be an actual product and it’s as outlandish as watches can get.

The watch’s LCD display doesn’t show you the time, but it features a maze instead. You don’t have to navigate through it or anything, though you’ll have to learn how to read the pathways right so you can get the time. Of course, you can just switch back to the regular digital display if you’re strapped for time, but where’s the fun in that?

Hit the break for a video showing the watch off, followed by links on where you can get it.

The watch retails for $139.

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