Tokyoflash Jackpot Watch – Maybe If I Was A Betting Man

Tokyoflash Jackpot Watch (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tokyoflash has always targeted the retro and design-minded when it came to their unique line of watches. But this time around they’re casting their net a little wider to include those with a gambling addiction, particularly slot jockeys. (Or anyone under the power of ‘Gamblor’ as Homer called him.) The Tokyoflash Jackpot watch has a set of 4 dot-matrix LEDs used to present the time and date, but they also double as the spinning dials in a slot machine. One button is used to set your bet and the other is used to spin the digits, and I assume as you play, the watch keeps track of your running total. Thankfully though if you have an unlucky streak the only money you’ll actually lose is the $99.99 you paid for the watch in the first place.

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