Toilet Themed Dog Bowl

Refilling Toilet Dog Bowl (Image courtesy Collections Etc.)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not really sure if encouraging your dog to drink out of a toilet shaped bowl is a good idea. In fact most people I know go to great lengths to discourage this behavior from their pets, but usually fail miserably.

I guess you can at least feel safe knowing that this toilet has never been ‘used’ and since it relies on a refillable two-liter plastic bottle you can guarantee your pooch only has the finest of bottled waters to drink. Oh and like a real toilet this one will also automatically refill itself, until the plastic bottle is empty of course.

The ceramic toilet themed dog bowl is available from Collections Etc. for $14.99.

[Auto-Refilling Toilet Dog Bowl] VIA [Cribcandy]

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  2. Dogs don’t drink from toilets here in Hong Kong as the toilets flush with filtered sea water here! Good gag item though for your favourite pooch.

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