Toasty Mug Keeps Your Hands Toasty


Put away those gloves, at least while you have your morning cup of coffee. At first glance, the Toasty Mug looks like a conch shell of sorts, with its curved body and the hollow chamber. The latter is actually what gives this mug it’s very unique hand-warming feature. There’s no need for an external source of heat, because what will warm your hands (which are supposed to go into the aforementioned hollow chamber) is the hot drink that you’ve poured in the middle.

It’s different from wrapping your hands around a mug because the design ensures that your entire hand is kept warm and toasty. Just perfect for the season, don’t you think?



The Toasty Mug was designed by Sabrina Fossi Design, and remains as a concept design for now. If you know your stuff when it comes to pottery, then you could make one of your own.

VIA [ Incredible Things ]