Toast Appliances Are Either Best Or Worst Thing Ever

Toast Phone

By Evan Ackerman

Toast ClockWe all know how toast can be an inspiration, but sometimes, you can’t help but asking just what the heck these people were buttering when they came up with this stuff. First we have this toast phone, about which I have no additional information besides the fact that it doesn’t actually exist. Looks like slices/handsets have all the important buttons, and the toaster itself is probably a charging dock. My hope is that instead of ringing, the toastphones just pop up and emit a toasty odor.

This next little gem is a toast clock. It features a clock in the shape of a piece of toast, and it tells time. It’s made of MDF, but you could probably make a more authentic toast clock yourself… Just nail some toast to the wall and stick a clock on it. It’ll be great. Trust me. Or, you can just buy the fake version when it becomes available next month for $22.

[ Toast Phone ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]
[ Toast Clock ] VIA [ Nerd Approved ]

2 thoughts on “Toast Appliances Are Either Best Or Worst Thing Ever”

  1. You have quite a fascination with toast, a fetish of sorts if you will.

    Sometimes I wonder why Geekologie steals their content from you. Then I realize it’s because you find the stuff first and they’re lazy, thieving varmints! Or is it varmits? Imagine that, a spelling issue where a Redneck would come in handy.

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