Titan Blast Inflatable Water Rocket

Titan Blast Inflatable Water Rocket (Images courtesy Walmart)
By Andrew Liszewski

Water-pressure powered rockets just don’t have the same ‘oomph’ as their solid-fuel powered Estes counterparts, but the Titan Blast more than makes up for it by being 7 feet tall. Now in order to be light enough to make it off the launch pad the Titan’s body is mostly inflatable, but from a distance your neighbors won’t know the truth. So not only is it safe to operate in your backyard (if it’s big enough) but it’s apparently capable of reaching an altitude of about 100 feet before succumbing to gravity and returning to Earth.

The Titan Blast is available from Walmart for a somewhat pricey, $49.96, so here’s to hoping it doesn’t end up stuck in a tree.

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  1. Nothing says fun like dressing your kids in Chinese army fatigues and have them shoot one of these off in the park near the airport.

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