Tiny Wristband Promises Better Sleep Through Acupuncture

Tiny Wristband Promises Better Sleep Through Acupuncture

By Luke Anderson

I, much like many other people in the world, have trouble sleeping at night. No, I’m not the CEO of a large bank that’s ruined the financial lives of many Americans while still raking in an enormous salary (zing!), I just have a hard time falling asleep and staying that way. I’ve seen a couple of doctors and tried a few different sleeping pills without much effect. I’ve been like this since I was a kid, so I’m pretty sure it’s not something that’s going away any time soon. However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t still try a new gadget or two that promises to make me sleep better.

This Sleep Partner wristband promises to help you fall asleep by reducing stress and resetting your body’s internal clock (for those with jet lag). It “stimulates the acupuncture points of the wrist associated with sleep”, which sounds a little strange, but for around $30, I’d probably give it a shot.

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