Tiny Camera Stand Is Flexible, Fits On Your Keychain

Manfrotto Camera Stand

By Luke Anderson

How many times have you been out somewhere and decided to snap a picture, but you wanted to be in it and no one was around to hold the camera? At this point you have to find somewhere to set the camera, someplace that will be the correct height and sit at the perfect angle to get your shot. Sure, you could walk around everywhere with a tripod, but then you look like a tool.

Here’s a camera stand (I’d call it a tripod, but it really has to have three legs to earn that title) that wouldn’t be so bad to carry around. It folds up quite small, and can even attach to your keychain. When you unfold it, you find that it will adjust to direct your lens at just the right angle to snap that awesome picture. The only downside to this little gadget is that it doesn’t appear to be available outside of France.

[ Manfrotto ] VIA [ technabob ]