Timex Life Index Watch Counts Down To That Inevitable Day

Timex Life Index Watch (Image courtesy Timex)
By Andrew Liszewski

Well here’s a real pick me up. I can’t think of a better way to put a smile on your face than by wearing a watch that continually reminds you how much time you have left on Earth. The concept ‘watch’ was created by Timex and is actually more like a patch you wear on your skin that processes biometric information about your key health factors including fitness, stress, nutrition, sleep and even your environment. All of that data is then factored in as the Index Watch makes an educated guess as to how much time you’ve got left. On the plus side, it would serve as a fantastic motivational tool when it comes to diet and exercise if you could see the days and months being added to your life every time you got up off the couch. Not to mention seeing the days disappear with every Twinkie.

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4 thoughts on “Timex Life Index Watch Counts Down To That Inevitable Day”

  1. What’s dangerous about this product is that people tend to make things happen as predicted. In other words, no matter how hard they try their subconscious wills them to die according to the “official prediction”.

    Same way VooDoo works. Power of suggestion from the right source is very powerful.

  2. So does this thing observe aspects of your life other than health? If I bought a plain ticket and the clock suddenly changed to hours, I would think twice about taking a trip. (Seriously though, I question the accuracy of this product. Have they tested it on organisms with a shorter lifespan to finetune it? Or is this just a novelty purchase?)

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