Time Switch Wall Clock Is Perfect For Proctastinators With Great Imaginations

Time Switch (Image courtesy Harc Lee)
By Andrew Liszewski

Can I interest anyone in a fake light switch that only shows the time via a small red LED display? And while I say ‘fake’ because it can’t be used to control any lights, the on/off switch does actually work, but only to turn the time display on and off. But why would anyone want to do that? Well to stop time of course!

Whenever I screw up and the deadline ties me up, I always think. “I wanna stop the time.” Of course I know nobody can do that. But instead of stopping the time, at least I might forget about it. That’s the starting of the idea. This clock is for people who want to turn the time off for a while. It doesn’t show you the time if you turn the switch off. As soon as you turn it on, the projection starts to light up from the back and show the time.

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