Tie Fighter Webcam For The Chique Geek

By Jonathan Kimak

I suppose if you use a webcam often enough then you might as well make it look better than the standard and plain looking ball shaped webcams. This webcam from Wesco Limited has the camera and mic hidden beneath the shell of a Imperial Tie Fighter Advanced X1. For those of you not in the know, that’s the Tie Fighter Darth Vader used in Episode IV.

In addition to looking snazy the webcam also has two laser canons that light up and emit authentic sounds taken from the Star Wars movies. I’m not quite sure how flashing lights and sound effects will help you during your online conversations. I guess they’re for those times when you don’t have anyone to talk to and you just want to pick up the Tie Fighter and play with it. Of course if I did that I would probably be making the laser noises myself.

The price is around $42.

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