Tie-1-On Modular Bean Bag Furniture

Tie-1-On Modular Bean Bag Furniture (Images courtesy CB2)
By Andrew Liszewski

As far as comfort goes, you just can’t beat falling into a bean bag chair and letting yourself completely veg out. But as far as not making your home look like a college dorm, pretty much anything looks classier than a sack of beans covered in Dorito stains. So kudos to whoever came up with these Tie-1-On sectional pieces. They may look like a couch (mostly) but they’re actually bean bag chairs in disguise.

Made with water-resistant polyester and filled with styrofoam ‘beans’ they’re available as both a chair and an ottoman that can be tied together using the straps in the corners. Kind of like Voltron if Voltron was a couch made of smaller pieces of furniture instead of robotic lions. …And now the downside. They’re only available in red which probably won’t match most motifs, and a chair/ottoman combo will set you back about $300. ($199 for the chair and $99.95 for the ottoman.)

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