uDraw GameTablet (Image courtesy THQ)

THQ Reveals Their uDraw GameTablet For The Wii

uDraw GameTablet (Image courtesy THQ)
By Andrew Liszewski

If any of you are having Mario Paint flashbacks right about now, you’re not alone. Many of us have secretly pined for Nintendo to bring their classic art and animation ‘game’ to the Wii since the Wiimote seems like it would be an ideal drawing tool. It’s yet to happen though, but if anyone wants to express their artistic side on the Wii there’s now another solution from THQ.

Their just announced uDraw GameTablet is a small 4×6-inch handheld tablet that gains wireless functionality and power from a docked Wiimote. It also includes a wireless pressure-sensitive stylus that THQ feels provides finer control than a Wiimote. There’s even an SD card slot somewhere on there according to their press release allowing you to save and print your artwork on a PC. The uDraw GameTablet will be available this holiday season for $69.99 and comes with the art-based video game uDraw Studio. At launch you’ll also be able to pick up two other tablet friendly titles; Pictionary and Dood’s Big Adventure for just $29.99 each.

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