This Weekend: Maker Faire


By Evan Ackerman

Why on Earth would anyone want to cook a bunch of hot dogs with a gigantic tesla coil, you ask? Because it’s AWESOME, that’s why. This is pretty much the philosophy behind Maker Faire: things are worth making and building and creating and doing because (first) they are awesome and (second) because they are useful. Sort of. Sometimes. But who cares! Awesomeness!

Maker Faire is an exposition and celebration of people and the awesome stuff they make. It’s the biggest DIY festival in the world, and this year there will be more than 600 Makers showing off their wares and talents, including robots destroying dinosaurs, compubeavers, candyfab machines… Oh, and tesla coils, did I mention those? And we’ll be there, so check back this weekend for lots of pics.

If you’re in the area, you can get tickets here.

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