This Week On BotJunkie

Clear Cutting Robot

By Evan Ackerman

Over on BotJunkie this week, we kicked things off in style and watched some video of a cute little DIY CrabFu SwashBot take on an equally cute kitty in a battle of weirdness, got a little misty hearing about how an RP-7 robot was used to introduce a soldier in Iraq to his newborn son in Texas for the first time, saw an incredible POV video of a Georgian reconnaissance UAV being allegedly shot down by a Russian MiG-29, got a chuckle out of a slightly dirty robot t-shirt, were impressed by the ability of autonomous robots to map a maze of debris and locate simulated babies, watched a live robot-assisted surgery that was webcast on Thursday night, got a kick out of a robot that looks like a little blue elephant with a little yellow hat designed to give your urinals a good scrubbing, saw some humanoid robots going to town on each other (and preparing for the future) in a game of laser tag, got introduced to the Clear Cut firefighting robot who has giant saws for arms, and wrapped things up with a clip of remote controlled Japanese robots running some plays of what they call American-style football.

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