This Week On BotJunkie

This Week On BotJunkie

51 Robots

By Evan Ackerman

This week on BotJunkie, we started off by watching some video of a new robotics kit modeled after a canine rather than a humanoid, realized that turning robots on and off can be a huge pain in the ass if you’ve got 100 of them running around, tried to picture the robotic orbs spotted at Yuri’s Night running over hippies at Burning Man, were not impressed by a quadrapedal robotic trash can that was almost but not quite the stupidest robot of 2007, got an update about the TALON SWORDS armed battlebots telling us that they’re still in Iraq but the government doesn’t really know what to do with them, oohed and aahed over a robotic arm with an integrated infrared laser cannon that’s used to spot weld metal, added a Cyberdyne powered exoskeleton to the list of things we really really want now that they’re starting to get produced, met a robotic cat that plays chess and tells dumb dog jokes, were impressed by the underwater alacrity of Finnegan the robotic turtle, and dipped into the change jar to buy an awesome t-shirt with 51 robots on it including The Wrong Trousers and Wall-E.

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  1. EVEN Dr. Theopolis from Buck Rogers … Do want … do they have this in OMG YOUR FAT sizes. I can not get to the site to check. Im a big fella’

  2. Kudos to the image Creator! This has been THE Perfect Time-Waster today!! We’ve got a pool of office workers all trying to come up with the names of these Bots! This has brought out the Inner Geek in all of Us!!!

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