This Week On BotJunkie


By Evan Ackerman

If you aren’t checking BotJunkie every day, you’re guaranteed to be among the first to be assimilated when the robots take over. We got introduced to some gigantic CV08 robots that will use chubby suburbanites as fuel when they reseed urban Australia with wildlife, saw a new solar powered pool cleaning robot to compete with the iRobot Verro, snorted at Hal the robotic hamster toy who dances to Styx, got a little creeped out by insects that have been modified with implants to turn them into remote controlled cyborgs, were impressed by some new video showcasing the SuperBot modular robot(s), found out that the super cute Paro therapeutic harp seal pup is now for sale in the US (but the poignant video may make you glad you don’t need one), admired some 3D renders of little lightbulb bots from Andre Kutscherauer, learned what sort of toilet paper robots use, questioned the wisdom of pulling TALON SWORDS combat robots out of Iraq due to safety concerns, and saw a video of a KUKA industrial robot arm that’s controlled with a Wiimote and swings tennis rackets. And swords.

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