This Week On BotJunkie


By Evan Ackerman

This week on BotJunkie, we started things out with a Japanese robotic exoskeleton designed to help farmers pick radishes, learned about some choreography software that helps WowWee robots put on dance numbers, decided that we could probably justify spending $30 on a robot lamp, saw an interesting robot navigation system based on vanishing points, felt slightly uncomfortable about crotch-driven mecha models, wondered about a new video from iRobot showing a conceptual robot of some kind trying to do something, met a vacuuming robot that predates the Roomba by about 15 years, were introduced to Evan Reynolds and his i-LIMB cyborg hand, found an R/C mecha from the early 90s that looks like it would be perfect for the new Mechwars competition at RoboGames 2009, got titillated by some hardcore video of robots gripping sacks and meat, would have been interested in a new fully automatic robot snow shovel if we didn’t live someplace warm and sunny, wished we lived in Australia so that we could get connected to a robot call center, and finally saw some video of a net shooting security robot that you can control with your cell phone.

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