This Week On BotJunkie

By Evan Ackerman

This week on BotJunkie, we watched some very mechanical and decidedly unsexy robot sex, were amused by a Roomba that was dressed up like Pac-Man, checked out some WALL-E and Eve toys that flirt with each other, were vaguely disturbed by a giant mechanical logging scorpion, read about a little robot who’s designed to be your friend (but not do much else for you) in a disaster area, got some additional details about the GPS and breathalyzer equipped teddy bear, saw some seriously small robots dancing on the head of a pin, learned why teaching robotic fish to school can help them work in groups under water, enjoyed another little teaser spot for WALL-E (that yours truly will be reviewing this weekend!), and ended the week on a musical note (heh) with a vid of the Little Yellow Drum Machine doing what little yellow drum machines do.

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