This Week In Laptop Experts Land

By Luke Anderson

[ The following concerns a paid campaign currently running on the site. ]

We’ve got a new president here in the US that’s promising lots of change. One thing that hasn’t changed is our efforts over at Laptop Experts. I’m still pumping out answers to 6 questions each and every weekday. Check out what I’ve been up to this past week.

There are always a variety of questions being asked. We do get repeat questions from time to time, but there are plenty of new ones that make me stop and think. Webcams are always a hot topic, and someone was wanting to know if they could get more effects for the cam built into their Toshiba notebook. Someone else was wondering just how to connect a laptop to their TV via an S-Video cable. I also answered questions regarding a system restore and the correct type of memory for a Toshiba Satellite A215.

By all means, keep these questions coming. There’s nothing I like more than a challenge, so if you’ve got a real brain-buster, send it over at the Laptop Experts site. Don’t forget that you’re more than welcome to answer a question or two (or as many as you like) while you’re there.

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