This Training Bike Will Cost You $30,000 Plus Another $10,000 For Its Custom Software

Factor 001 Bike (Image courtesy BikeRadar)
By Andrew Liszewski

Designed by BERU f1 systems, the Factor 001 training bike is chock full of Formula One racing technology which makes it one of the most advanced bikes ever built. Besides the requisite made-to-measure one piece carbon fiber frame and ceramic brakes, the Factor 001’s real secret weapon is its built-in accelerometers that monitor the bike’s lean and other physical factors like wheel speed, torque levels and crank cadence. It will even have a biometric monitoring system for keeping tabs on the rider’s physical condition like body temp, respiration rate and even ECG data. All that for roughly $30,000, depending on the options you order. (That’s the starting price.)

But all that information the bike is gathering is no good if you can’t study it later on. So for an additional $8-10,000 you’ll be able to buy the Factor 001’s custom software package that allows the data to be uploaded to a PC and analyzed in order to improve your performance. Needless to say you have to really want to wear that yellow jersey to be shelling out this kind of money for a bike.

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