Imperial Forces Wallpaper (Images courtesy Super7)

This Star Wars Wallpaper Isn’t Meant For Your Desktop

Imperial Forces Wallpaper (Images courtesy Super7)
By Andrew Liszewski

A quick Google image search will return in the neighborhood of about a trillion Star Wars images you can use as desktop wallpaper for your PC. But wallpaper for your actual walls? I’m afraid the options are considerably more limited there. That’s why this Imperial Forces wallpaper, now available from Super7, is so unique. From what I can tell this is the first edition in a collection of different Star Wars themed wall coverings, and features various members of the imperial forces, hand screened and flocked. That’s right, I said flocked.

A half-roll, which is able to cover about 17 square feet, or an area 27-inches by 90-inches in size (translation: very small) is $75. While a roll large enough to properly decorate a room (101 square feet) is $350.

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