This Slot Car Set Is Controlled With Your Mind

By David Ponce

Seriously. The folks at B-Reel have taken a Mindwave headset from Neurosky, a Scalectrix slot car set, a bunch of other parts and hacked together a way to control the cars with your mind. And it works! Concentrate means go, get distracted means stop.

What if you could run a slot car race using your brain? We did a bit of research on this and it didn’t take long to realise we already have all we need to make these ideas come to life; we just needed to connect the dots and find an easier way to integrate different disciplines to make the magic happen.

These are the steps B-Reel went through:

– researched components and library we could have used

– procured a device that reads mind signals, a Scalextric, Arduino, some tools and electric components

– designed a small electronic circuit to connect Arduino to Scalextric

– wrote the Arduino script to control the Scalextric

– wrote a small Processing application to control the car with the computer mouse

– connected the brain reader device signal to the Scalextric

But the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. So do yourself a favor and watch the above video. It’s mostly towards the end that you start seeing the guy actually voluntarily controlling the car, starting and stopping at will. Awesome stuff.

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