This R2-D2 Vespa Is Unfortunately Not For Sale

We wish we were clever enough to make all kinds of funny Star Wars references while writing about the above scooter, but sadly we were born creatively challenged. So instead of entertaining you while writing, we’re just going to flat out tell you… what you’re clearly able to see anyway. You’re looking at a Vespa that was lovingly modified to look a lot like R2-D2. Using “some meticulous cutting of adhesive vinyl”, the Vespa went from classic scooter to most awesome scooter this side of the galaxy (there… that’s a start…) We particularly like the suitcase on the back with stickers from other galaxies, far far away.

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VIA [ Technabob ]

1 thought on “This R2-D2 Vespa Is Unfortunately Not For Sale”

  1. I see a market opportunity for selling a sticker kit. I found the link to this article from a thread on George Takei’s FB page – you’d probably only have to mention the sticker kit there and then sit back and fill the orders.

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