This Pretty Bamboo Case Is For The MacBook Pro

By David Ponce

Even though we don’t make a point to specifically look for trends at OhGizmo, we can’t help but notice them now and then. One that’s been rearing its head quite often lately is the use of bamboo in the world of consumer electronics. We believe it’s fuelled by a combination of factors: the push for greener, more eco-friendly products combined with the desire for a natural counterpoint to the industrial onslaught of traditional gadget design.

The Silva case is made from 100% Solid Carmel Bamboo, has a hand crafted leather strap which is also hand burnished and oiled, has a wool felt-lined interior and has a hand rubbed, hard, glass-like finish. We imagine it’s all the hand work that justifies the steep $179-$315 (depending of size and destination) asking price. But one thing is for sure, you will definitely stand out when toting your workstation in this. Vanity, as much as anything else, is a known feature of the Apple buyer.

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