This Meat Slicer Gets Equal Slices, Every Time, With Frikkin Lasers!

By David Ponce

Butchers are pretty masterful sometimes, but a human hand will never be as precise as a machine. And the above Natsune Libra 165C is one scary mother. It is able to make slices of meat that are of perfectly equal weight, every time, and it does so by using lasers. Yes, the lasers do the cutting. Big deal you say? Ok: it makes up to 100 slices a minute! First the uncut meat goes through their 3D laser scanner. Once the scanning is done, the machine gets to cutting; it ensures equal slices by varying the thickness of the slice, based on its initial scan and known densities of meat. While it could be used for several types of meat, it specializes in pork. Specifically (at least judging from the video) pork chops.

But the Natsune Libra 165C is clearly not the kind of machine you’ll have at home. Or even in a restaurant. It costs $160,000 for one. And it’s pretty darn big. We imagine that large scale meat processing centres would love them, and they’ll get their chance at ownership at the end of this month.

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