This Is Why You Want To Take A Bus

This Is Why You Want To Take A Bus


We’re not trying to be sanctimonious. Drive your gas guzzler all you want; it’s un-American of you not to. It’s un-American not to exercise your right to be inefficient, if that’s what you’re into. Really. But if you’ve been feeling lately like you’ve been kicked square in the environment, take a look at the above GIF. It does a pretty good job of illustrating just why it is that public transport is great. Specifically, busses are great.

On that note, here’s our tiny rant on taxis. We don’t understand reserved lanes for taxis. They exist presumably because taxis are a form of “public transport”, contributing to a cleaner environment. Right? At least that’s why we think they exist. But we’d like to propose that they do not save the environment at all. Not any more than using your own car anyway, if you’re alone in that taxi. Because while your car is parked at home not polluting, you’re sitting in a car that only exists to transport you. In other words, the pollution from your car is replaced by the pollution from the taxi. So what’s the point?

Or are we missing something?

In any case, neat GIF!

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  1. Good point about the Taxi cabs, makes lots of sense. Personally I’d not mind taking the bus, but there are no bus routes between my home and work, plus the vast majority run north and south here and my work likes almost directly west. I live less than two miles, but going uphill to get home after a tiring day of work… yeah, I know 1st world problems, what can I say?

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