This Is What A Minimalist Gramophone Looks Like

By David Pomnce

Imagine a hipster party, if you will. There are skinny jeans and thick brimmed glasses everywhere. People talking about undiscovered coffee houses and never heard-of music bands while pondering the philosophical implications of breathing seeing as it’s so mainstream. How could you maintain a proper atmosphere in such a setting? German designer (and hipster extraordinaire) Livia Ritthaler proposes the Minimalist Gramophone. It’s nothing more than a needle, a cone of paper and a rotating plate with a central stick. There’s no power mechanism: it’s hand operated. So, as the host of this party you’d have to hire a hipster slave to stand by the gramophone and spin the vinyl manually. All night. But that’d be cool, wouldn’t it? You could be the host of the only hipster party that had a gramophone attendant!

If only we knew just how to purchase this item. Alas, we do not. But how hard can it be to make your own?

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