This Is What A Hoodie/Armour Fusion Garment Looks Like

By David Ponce

We were on the fence on this one. We wanted to like it but couldn’t decide if its ownership was a sentence to social isolation, or social success. Then we found out it’s been so popular over the last couple of days, it crashed Etsy. So yeah, what do we know? Anyway, what you see above is technically called the Grey Knight Armored Hoodie and was sold on Etsy by Chadwick J. Dillon. It’s got a fully retractable face plate and visor, “while the fixed breast plate, spauldrons, and elbow couters add elements of style and strength from an a age long past.” We say was because the overwhelming demand has caused Dillon to suspend sales while he sorts out communication and figures out what to do about meeting said demand. There’s even word that Etsy will shut down your store if there’s too many orders or something, which makes perfect sense…

Anyway, we don’t even know how much the initial listing was for or what’s going to happen here but if you want one, keep an eye on the store linked to below.

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